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The basic aims which the Association of university libraries is striving to realize are protection of the common interest of the university libraries in deciding the questions for the statute, place, finance and transforming in digital libraries as significant and necessary component of the development of higher education on the road to the European integration.

to The Association of the University libraries about 2006 year

Following up its mission, AUL place for realization a wide spectrum of aims and activities. The Association of the University Libraries will work to:

1. Its acceptance as a leading factor in the society, which represents and protects the interests of its members in front of the university directions and the state agencies on national and local level. The association will participate as initiator and participant in taking management decisions, connected with the library-information sphere, and also in the deciding of basic problems in education, scientific and cultural area. The Association will pay special attention to the acceptance of new laws and standards and to the forming of state library politics for maintain the statute and the interests of the university libraries.
2. Promoting among the state, public and private structures the necessity to help and facilitate the access of users to the new communication and information services. Through conduct of active public communication AUL will strive to create new, modern image of the university libraries in Bulgaria as useful public institutions, maintaining and development of which is account for investment.
In connection to this trend from the activity of AUL, web site of the association is under construction and the publishing of information bulletin (printed and electronic version) begins.
3. Placing at the state, public and private structures and university management disposal of the necessary information for making decisions in the field of library-information providing. AUL will confirm itself as a national consultative organ, helping the university management in constructing and deciding of problems and tasks, connected to the activity and finances of university libraries and with their presenting in accreditation procedures as well.
At the site of the association will be published materials connected with the accreditation of the university libraries.
4. Realizing of contacts and interaction with related organizations in the country and foreign countries. AUL will assistance for enlargement of the international cooperation of the Bulgarian university libraries with academic libraries and professional library communities from all over the world.
5. Encouraging and helping the different forms of cooperation between the libraries by the High schools in the country. AUL will stimulate the cooperated subscription of databases and other electronic resources, corresponding to the requirements of the academic community. The organization of presentations of firmly information providers will continue.
6. Developing and realizing of training programs, directed to continuous qualification of the library-information specialists.
7. Supporting modernization of the libraries and the coming into use of new information technologies. Stimulating of scientific-research and applied activities in the field of the information service in the university libraries.

and etc.
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